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Massage Therapy Scholarship (ID 4113)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
At MBLExGuide we believe in education and helping new massage therapists succeed. We know that completing a professional massage therapy training program can be challenging and require sacrifices.

As strong advocates for healthcare and wellness education, we are proud to give back to the massage and bodywork community and assist aspiring massage therapists on their journey.

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In order to be eligible to apply for the MBLExGuide scholarship, massage therapy students must meet all of the following criteria:

1. Participant must be a currently enrolled student in an approved entry-level massage education program in the US. To be approved, the massage program must meet all their state licensing requirements that enable graduates to apply for a state massage therapy license after completion of the program. This includes meeting the minimum number of classroom and instructional hours, and any other state curriculum requirements necessary for licensing. (Recent graduates from an approved massage therapy school or program are eligible to apply as long as they have completed their entry-level massage therapy program on or after May 1, 2019).
2. The student must be in good standing with their massage school and passing all classes.
3. Proof of current enrollment must accompany your scholarship entry. This can be contact information for your massage program director so that enrollment can be verified.
4. Applicants must complete one written essay from the topics listed below, and must follow all entry guidelines.
Special Criteria:
How to Apply

Review the eligibility criteria to ensure that you are eligible to participate with this massage therapy scholarship program. Write your essay following the submission guidelines detailed on this web page.

Complete the scholarship application form and upload your entry in the correct format as instructed on the application page.

Written Essay

Scholarship participants must complete an original written essay based on one of the following essay topics (be sure to read the essay guidelines below).

1. What do you plan on doing with your new massage therapy skills during the first 12 months after graduating from massage school? For example, do you plan on working full-time or part-time at a local spa or other therapy clinic. Or do you plan on starting your own massage practice? How do you envision your first 12 months after you graduate and get licensed? Do you plan on continuing your therapy education with additional classes such as advanced massage therapy certifications or specialties?
2. Share your favorite test-taking and/or study tips and strategies. Students who select to write on this essay topic should be good at taking tests, or have discovered strategies that help when preparing for comprehensive exams like the MBLEx. Be sure to include specific details about your test-taking or study methods that would be beneficial to other students.

Essay Guidelines

1. Written essays must be 500 – 1000 words.
2. Only original essay entries on the topic choices as described above will be accepted.
3. Any plagiarized entries will be disqualified.