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Health and Wellness Scholarship Program (ID 4096)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
Description: is proud to announce our annual Health & Wellness Scholarship Program for hard-working students. This $500 scholarship award will go to one deserving post-secondary (university or community college) student who desires a career that emphasizes a healthier living lifestyle.

healthy lifestyle includes exercise regularly, eat healthy, reduce stress, drink plenty of water

Being Well is Normal

Dis-ease and disease are NOT normal. Why then are so many of us tired, overweight and sick? We believe this is largely a result of what we are putting into our bodies and our minds and can be practically addressed by making better lifestyle choices regarding nutrition, stress management, sleep and reasonable exercise.

We want our scholarship award to go to a student who demonstrates an aptitude for helping others achieve a Wellness lifestyle.

Contact Information



Min Age:
Full(12+ Credits)
As long as you’re over the age of 18 and you’re enrolled in a full-time graduate or undergrad program at an accredited learning institution, you may apply.
Special Criteria:
Our Application Process

We’re making it easy for college students to apply for our scholarship, and to do that, we are opening this contest up to a wide applicant pool. Below, you’ll learn more about our application process.

• Write an essay of 1000 words or more on the topic: “Taking Better Care of Yourself In Todays World”. Send your essay to us at on or before June 14, 2020.
• Save it in PDF or Microsoft Word format, as we cannot accept Dropbox or Google Docs links.
• Make your essay creative, relevant, and above all, original. We have a strict stance on plagiarism, and if we determine that your essay has been copied from another source (in part or in its entirety), it will be rejected.
• Don’t forget to include your name, your contact information, and your school’s name.

It’s crucial to provide only the information we’ve asked for above, as the inclusion of extra information will delay our editorial process.