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Dont Pay Full Annual Student Scholarship (ID 3648)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
Our objective is to help people save money, providing them with the best deals and discount coupons for online shopping.

Now, we want to invest in students who need financial help. This is why we are glad to announce the opening of "DontPayFull Student Scholarship", sponsored exclusively by We offer $1000 every year (not renewable) to one eligible student across each institution type (High School, College or University) in the United States.

Contact Information


Applicants must currently be in High School, College or University education in a US institution
They must provide a copy of their grade or of their student ID card
Special Criteria:
Application Requirements

All content must be original, any form of plagiarism would be disqualified
In total, your answer must not exceed 5000 words
The language used in the essay should be English
Applicants must specify their choice of institution for the scholarship
Please complete all the boxes provided below regarding your personal information
All submissions must be received by October 31, 2019

Scholarship Winners

The winners will be decided by DontPayFull’s expert panel of judges by November 30, 2019
The winners of the DontPayFull Scholarship will be announced first via e-mail and posted on our website and social media pages
The founds may be used for tuition or other educational expenses at an accredited US institution
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