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Outdoor Adventure Leadership

  • Search for OAL150OAL150 2 credits

    Outdoor Living Skills

    Introduces students to the art of preparing to camp in front or back country, presenting skills that are applicable to any environment and activity. Students will develop and apply skills in a range of environmental settings and will be prepared for future classes and experiences in the outdoors. The primary goal of this course is to learn the skills necessary to plan equipment and food for group trips as well as practice the skills of making informed choices in wilderness environments.
    Prerequisites: BT113 or WR115 or designated placement test scores and the ability to walk with a backpack containing personal gear.

  • Search for OAL223OAL223 2 credits

    Wilderness Navigation

    Uses a classroom setting to preview and cover the types of land forms that will be seen in the wilderness to prepare students for understanding real life navigation complexes. Introduces students to wilderness navigation including how to orient, navigate, and route-find in a wilderness setting using maps, compass, altimeter and GPS. It also requires students to demonstrate competency in a field setting.
    Prerequisite: BT113 or WR115 or designated placement test scores.

  • Search for OAL250OAL250 3 credits

    Foundations of Outdoor Adventure and Leadership

    Introduces students to the history, philosophy, and styles in outdoor adventure leadership in contemporary society, with application to current trends and prospects for the future. Allows students to develop knowledge and a personal style of effective leadership and communication.
    Prerequisite: BT113 or WR115 or designated placement test scores.