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Scholarship Contest from Dealroom (ID 4083)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
Who We Are

DealRoom is a financial technology company providing modern virtual data rooms and process management solutions to complex financial transactions.

The idea for DealRoom began in a small office in downtown Chicago in 2012. Our founder, Kison, was running a boutique M&A practice that focused on hospitality. He realized the standard technology available for M&A created inefficiencies such as work silos, duplicate works, and version control issues. He knew there had to be a better way and that the M&A industry desperately needed project management.

About DealRoom's

Scholarship Program
DealRoom is a technology startup seeking to improve the finance industry, creating more collaborative, people-driven and efficient processes. Our scholarship program is focused on students who are aspiring entrepreneurs and finance professionals. DealRoom encourages all students to apply and rewards diverse backgrounds.

How To Participate

To participate, write an essay with a minimum of 800 words on one of the essay topics listed below. Essays must be written in the English language and be submitted by June 30th, 2019.

Essay Topics To Choose From

Choose one topic from the below list, minimum of 800 words
1. Describe a trend you see developing in mergers and acquisitions. How did this trend surface and how will it grow? Will this trend be good or bad for the field?
2. Describe how you think the finance industry can improve gender diversity and inclusion.
3. Describe an issue facing mergers and acquisitions and explain how the field should approach and combat that issue.

Contact Information


Students who are aspiring entrepreneurs and finance professionals are eligible to apply.