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Health Education

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    Emergency First Aid

    Studies theory and procedures for accident prevention and application of first aid in a variety of settings. Includes American Heart Association’s Heartsaver Emergency first aid card (one-person CPR and AED) with successful completion of the course.

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    Introduction to Exercise and Sport Science

    Introduces students to the field of exercise and sport science (EXSS). Upon completion of this class, students should have a good understanding of the history, the need for, current topics in, and careers available in EXSS, as well as education/certification required for these careers. This course helps many students decide if an educational path in EXSS is something that they wish to pursue. Several guest speakers representing various careers/areas in EXSS will present their experiences to the class. Basic online research skills will also be covered to allow students to seek out accurate and reliable information about EXSS.
    Prerequisites: RD30 and WR30 or designated placement test scores; BI121 recommended. Offered winter and summer terms.

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    Special Studies: Health

    Presents special topics in health including, but not limited to, smoking cessation, stress management, heart and back health, emotional health, and wellness assessment.
    Prerequisites: RD30 and WR30 or designated placement test scores.

  • Search for HE208HE208 1 credit

    HIV and Other Epidemics

    Introduces students to the epidemiology of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, tuberculosis, and sexually transmitted diseases. Students will examine treatment options, prevention strategies, legal and policy issues that impact infected individuals as well as the larger community. The course also explores the social, psychological, and ethical issues surrounding these diseases and their impact on present and future generations.
    Prerequisites: RD30 and WR30 or designated placement test scores. Offered fall and spring terms.

  • Search for HE250HE250 3 credits

    Personal Health

    Examines personal and societal health topics including consumer health issues, major disease patterns, and the elements of good health, and relates them to daily life.
    Prerequisite: WR115.

  • Search for HE252HE252 3 credits

    First Aid/CPR

    Provides instruction in immediate and temporary care of various injuries and illnesses. Successful completion of the course leads to two certifications from the American Heart Association: AHA's Emergency First Aid card (with AED and CPR included) and the AHA Health Care Provider card.
    Prerequisite: WR30 or designated placement test score.

  • Search for HE253HE253 3 credits

    Wilderness First Aid

    Provides individuals with foundational first aid principles and skills to be able to respond to emergencies in areas without access to immediate emergency medical services. Highlights the importance of critical thinking and decision making and provides hands-on learning using delayed-help situations. Students are trained to deal with many situations that may be encountered in the wilderness or remote location. Training focuses on teaching students to assess situations, improvise solutions using available resources to stabilize patients, and identify the best way to get patients to definitive medical treatment. Includes an overview of wilderness issues and allows students to be certified in basic wilderness first aid with successful completion of the course (in effect for two years).
    Prerequisites: RD30 and WR30 or designated placement test scores and physical abilities to allow hiking and lifting equipment. Basic first aid knowledge and CPR is useful. Offered winter term.

  • Search for HE259HE259 3 credits

    Care and Prevention of Athletic Injury

    Introduces students to prevention, treatment, and management of athletic injuries. Basic musculoskeletal anatomy will be reviewed. Students will learn to assess, treat and rehabilitate various athletic injuries. Practical skill sessions for hands-on experience will be included in the course.
    Prerequisites: RD30 and WR30 or designated placement test scores; BI121 recommended.

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    Presents lecture and manikin practice in the principles of giving one- and two-person adult, child, and infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation; airway obstruction; and AED use. Successful completion leads to a Basic Life Support (BLS) Health Care Provider (HCP) card and certification.

  • Search for HE280HE280 Variable credit

    Cooperative Work Experience/Health Science

    Cooperative Work Experience is an educational program that enables students to receive academic credit for on-the-job, experiential learning based on skills acquired in their programs. Together, the instructor, employer, and student establish learning objectives that specify the significant and appropriate learning which is expected to result from the work experience. This course offers a career-related experience for students working for an approved employer. As a capstone course, it should be completed within the last two terms of a certificate or degree program.

  • Search for HPE295HPE295 3 credits

    Health and Fitness for Life

    Prepares students with the foundation needed to be successful health/PE majors and in other majors as well. Dominant topics include disease projections, essential nutrients, behavior modification, body composition, strength and endurance training, cardio-respiratory health, flexibility, the mechanics of stress and stress relief, and relationship building. Students assess lifestyles, wellness, fitness, nutrition, and risk for illness/disease as part of the course.
    Prerequisite: RD30 and WR30 or designated placement test scores.